Author Jason Sprinzen, based out of NYC is in the process of publishing his new book, SHOWCO: 10,000 Nights on the Road, a book that is the culmination of 10 years of research on the historic rock touring company SHOWCO.

After being dissatisfied with the publishing circuit, Sprinzen came to Sefener looking for a full marketing team to give a face to the project, help with promotions, and lay out the book, integrating professional photos of the huge collection of rock memorabilia that he gathered over the course of his research.

Sefener created and managed a fundraising campaign that brought back the iconic SHOWCO tour shirts worn by the crew. Original back of shirt artwork was made for each line featuring a quintessential SHOWCO innovation and book promotion. Sefener designed and developed an informational website that included a full cart system for shirt orders and donations, press page, and contact form. After successfully attracting some industry attention, LSI Magazine contacted us to do an 8 page spread on the project which Sefener laid out in the style of the book design.

The inspiration for the project began with a poster the wall of Jason's childhood bedroom of Ronnie Van Zant wearing a SHOWCO shirt. Eventually this curiosity grew into a thorough research project and then a book. 10,000 Nights on the Road will be a hard cover coffee table style art book, containing a large collection of stories from the crew, never before seen photos of musicians and ephemera, and the story of the little company from Texas that invented the rock tour.

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